I would like to welcome you to my site. I will be adding all of the information that I can to this site in the hopes that anyone and everyone will be able to benefit from it. I wanted to make this site about the Canadian wilderness specifically because it is something that I know a fair amount about.

I have never had the opportunity to practice my skills in a desert so I don’t want to be giving bad information about the topic of desert survival. Instead, I’ve made this site. I have a vast knowledge base in my head and I would like to share it with all of you out there in online survival land.

I’m also a photographer, web designer, writer and entrepreneur. That means that I want to share some art with you and hope to make a bit of profit from this site as well. That doesn’t man that I will be hawking whatever crap that I’m told to. I will be doing product reviews and letting everyone know exactly what they can expect out of the purchases that they make.

I really didn’t want to drone on for too long about my first post so i’ll wrap it up quickly and just let you know that you should subscribe to this site because there is going to be a ton of great information for the entire community of Canadian survivalist to enjoy. Thanks.